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Dental Implants

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This patient received a Dental Implant to replace her missing tooth. View more before and afters

Discover how a dental implant can renew your smile and your chewing ability with the help of Dr. Samuel Horowitz. If you have an unsavable tooth or root due to fracture or decay, Dr. Horowitz can place a dental implant AT THE TIME of the extraction

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants can be placed in either the upper or lower jaws. Due to the biocompatible properties of titanium, a dental implant fuses with the bone and becomes a good anchor for the replacement tooth. Dental implants can be used in solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth.

Why dental implants?

Thise are a number of reasons why you should consider a dental implant:

  • Without the root structure of a natural tooth present, the jawbone can shrink. This shrinkage will make your face look older than it is.
  • There are no loose parts to worry about losing. The dental implant is stable and comfortable. No adjustment is needed after placement.
  • Normally, it will serve its owner for life.

Many people considering implants have removable, conventional dentures for lower and upper jaws, or have removable bridges. With implants they experience a significant improvement in their ability to chew food comfortably.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The implant team usually includes either a periodontist or an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who implants the posts into the patient’s mouth, and a prosthodontist who designs and fits the replacement teeth or permanent bridge.
At our office, Dr. Horowitz performs both these tasks which is much more convenient and economical for the patient.

At the first appointment, we use an X-ray to determine if the jaw bone is adequate to hold the titanium posts. Models of the mouth are often made using a soft, pliable plastic compound. These models show where the gaps are located and provide measurements for a replacement tooth or a bridge. Treatment with dental implants is complicated and takes meticulous planning for best results. Today the implants being placed often only require one surgical procedure using a local anesthetic and sedative.

Is old age a problem?

Occasionally, older patients express concern to Dr. Horowitz that their age may prevent them from enjoying the benefits of dental implants. However, health is more of a determining factor than age. If you’re healthy enough to have a tooth extracted, you’re probably healthy enough to receive dental implants. Certain chronic diseases may contraindicate dental implant treatment. Dr. Horowitz will determine if you are a candidate for dental implants after a careful evaluation of your dental and health history.

How will dental implants affect my life?

Dental implant-supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. This means that you can eat and drink whatever you choose. But most importantly, dental implants placed by Dr. Horowitz often improve quality of life in a very concrete way. People who have felt embarrassed and worried because of their tooth problems are often overwhelmed by what new permanent teeth can do for their self-esteem.

Contact us today to set up an appointment with Dr. Samuel Horowitz if your are considering dental implants.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss any aspect of your dental health – we don’t charge for giving advice!